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Conference on Learning Information Literacy across the Globe

Frankfurt am Main, Germany
10th of May 2019


The conference will cover the following topics.

Learning to swim...

Information literacy (IL) as a learning process

Resources to swim...

Digital learning resources for IL (e.g. MOOCs, scenarios, OERs)

Magna Nullam

Cultural diversity of information literacy

Natoque Vitae

Information-literacy in connection to other literacy concepts

Dolor Penatibus

Comparative studies of curricula with an IL lens


The ILO Conference on Learning Information Literacy across the Globe is brought to you by the ILO Erasmus. The conference papers will be revised by an international committee made of the following disciplines:

  • information-scientists
  • media-pedagogy
  • psychologists
  • media-scientists
  • scientific-libraries
  • learning-technologies

The conference is organized by Information Center for Education of the German Research Center for International Educational Research (DIPF).

Scientific chair: Marc Rittberger. with the help of Alexander Botte and other field specialists

Local chair: Paul Libbrecht with the help Rachel Ghebrehawariat and others.

Guest speakers: will include: Hendrik Drachsler and Stefan Dreisiebner.

Programme Committee

Preliminary list: Manuel Area-Moreira, David Bawden, Ángel Borrego, Alexander Botte, Juan Jose Bote Vericad, Stefan Dreisiebner, Stefanie Elbeshausen, Miguel Ángel Marzal García-Quismond, José Antonio Gómez-Hernández, Joachim Griesbaum, Carolin Hahnel, Theo Hug, Mate Juric, Mate Kosor, Ulrike Kress, Paul Libbrecht, Anne-Kathrin Meyer, Thomas Mandl, Wolfgang Müller, Anela Nikčević-Milković, Javier Onrubia Goñi, Franjo Pehar, Wolf Rauch, Marc Rittberger, Lyn Robinson, Christian Schlögl, Sonja Špiranec, Ivanka Stričević, Sanjica Faletar Tanacković, Cristóbal Urbano, Zoran Velagić, Polona Vilar, Christa Womser-Hacker, Vlasta Zabukovec, Michaela Zemanek, Maja Žumer.


The conference takes place: Friday 10th of May 2018, from 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM.
The programme will be announced after receiving the papers.
Registration will be free but required.


For scientific inquiries, please contact Marc Rittberger or Alexander Botte.

For practical inquiries, please contact Paul Libbrecht.

In all cases, using the form below will get us to receive your communication.